Bennani & Associés is the first independent legal consulting firm in business law in North Africa, West Africa and Central Africa

About us


Founded in 2004 by Mehdi Bennani (Attorney at Law, New York) and Abdellah Moustaid (Attorney at Law, Casablanca), the firm opened its first office in Morocco to advise its clients in their establishment and development projects in Francophone Africa. Ten years later, Bennani & Associés opened an office in Algiers to continue to assist its clients in Algeria.

2015 > 2018

This regional expansion was subsequently confirmed with the opening in 2015 of an office in Tunis and another in Abidjan in 2018.

2018 to present

Today, Bennani & Associés is fulfilling the ambitions of its founders by becoming the firm of choice for an international clientele looking for opportunities in a region of the world with strong economic potential.

Recognized for its high quality services and its tailor-made advice at the level of the standards of the largest international firms, Bennani & Associés has today five offices in the most important areas and sectors in North Africa, West Africa and Central Africa.


Bennani & Associates confirms its position as the leading independent business law firm in French-speaking Africa by opening a fifth office in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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North Africa, West Africa and Central Africa

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From strategic thinking to project launch, we are committed to putting transparency and integrity at the heart of our support.

Our assets lie in our reactivity and in our perfect understanding of the legal environment and the economic stakes of our clients.

We work in strict compliance with a code of ethics and deontology, specific to our business and our sector of activity.




Pragmatic approach

Team - Expertise

Our team is multidisciplinary, multilingual and has both local and international legal experience. Our team provides both legal advice and litigation services to guarantee our clients and international partners a "full service" support.